Animals around the world

Date: 25th Apr 2016 @ 10:31pm

Penguin, elephant, panda, whale shark and swallow.

Which of the animals did you enjoy learning about the most?  Where in the world does it live, and what is it like there?

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Danny and Holly wrote:

Whale shark around Oceania. Deep under water.

Mrs Grier wrote:

Well done remembering Oceania!

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Aaron wrote:

The penguin lives in Antarctica is so cold and the ice is white. The penguin group up to keep warm from the cold. The daddy penguin looked after the baby penguin to be safe. The mummys penguin swim in the cold water for three months to get fish. The egg hatched and the mummy penguin come back to feed the baby penguin. The mummy penguin swallowed the fish and spit it out to the baby penguin.

Mrs Grier wrote:

Wow Aaron, you remembered a lot about penguins and Antarctica! Well done!

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Leah and Sulef wrote:

Penguin. We like the snow and ice.
Antarctica. It is snowy and icy.

Mrs Grier wrote:

Well done, penguins live in Antarctica, and it is snowy there.

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