BLAST OFF into our Science topic this term...

Date: 11th Apr 2016 @ 5:19pm

Today Year 5 blasted off into their new Science topic for the summer term. They had to work together as a class to create their own Rocket to blast off into Space!! As we took off we counted down and watched a simulator video which took us around the Solar System.

After a fun introduction, we completed a Drama activity in which three people acted as the Earth, the moon and the sun. We discussed orbiting and movement of the planets in the solar system.

Finally, we went out onto the playground to complete the toilet paper investigation to further understand the planets' distance from the sun. Mercury only measured 1 toilet sheet whereas Pluto measured a whole 100 sheets!!

What did you learn from today's lesson?

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Mrs Young wrote:

I wish I was in your class Year 5!

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