Butterfly beginnings...

Date: 2nd Apr 2016 @ 12:47pm

Our beautiful butterflies have finally emerged just in time for Spring half-term. Year 5 were elated to see the hatching of the first butterfly right before their eyes! Now they are in Miss. Comer's house for the week off! It has been an amazing experience to look after and view the life cycle of a caterpillar to a butterfly. What have you enjoyed the most about our Science topic this term?

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Miss. Comer wrote:

My favourite part has been learning the terminology and definitions for the different stages of the life cycle (e.g. Chrysalis and Pupa).

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Mitaale Ram wrote:

I enjoyed learning butterflies and their life cycles.

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Rihanna wrote:

It is fun learning about a butterfly's life cycle but it's sad the they die very soon. I also liked learning about David Attenborough. He is a lucky man because he had a rare butterfly named after him called the Attenborough black-eyed stayr and it is beatiful. Luckily my caterpillar has turned into a butterfly🤔

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Oyin wrote:

Seeing the butterfly hatch was phenomenal not to mention seeing Miss Comer burst out of its cacoon

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