Christmas Craft Morning

Date: 13th Dec 2015 @ 6:51pm

What was your favourite part of our Christmas craft morning on Friday?

Thanks again to the parents who attended: it was great fun having you in our class :)

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Luca wrote:

Where we made the biscuits because we got to put icing on to make a face and a mouth.

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Michael wrote:

The part where we made baubles because we got to draw a picture and put glitter on it.

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Junior wrote:

When we got to make the snowflakes because it was fun and we got to put glitter and snow on it. It will look like it's been snowing.

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Macy wrote:

When we got to colour in because it's more fun than working!

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Megan wrote:

When we made baubles because I like making stuff.

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Olivia wrote:

That I could put glitter on it.

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Dylan wrote:

The baubles because it was really fun but then it broke!

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Aden wrote:

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