Dinosaur week!!!!!

Date: 25th Nov 2016 @ 3:59pm

Wow what a week we have had! Our dinosaur seeds actually worked which we got from the cinema. We sprinkled the seeds Monday afternoon and Tuesday when we came in, we had a HUGE dinosaur in our school, he had left his footprints everywhere! We decided to name him Arlo after The Good Dinosaur movie. 

Arlo has helped us so much this week with his friends; in Maths we have been weighing and measuring different dinosaur and guessing which is the shortest, tallest, heaviest and lightest. We have also been ordering up to 6 dinosaurs by size. They have helped us with our number recognition, counting and 1 more/less than a given number. He is so good with his numbers!

we have also been digging for dinosaurs bones and making junk model dinosaurs.

Even though we have loved having Arlo in our class we decided he needs to be with his family so we decided to write some missing posters describing how he has big teeth and a long tail. Hopefully his friends and family will see our posters and take him back home. 

Look at all our fun pictures!!!!

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