Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Date: 2nd Dec 2015 @ 8:37pm

How do you think Mr and Mrs Grinling can stop the seagulls from stealing the lunch?

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abdul wrote:

they put bad sandwiches to make the seagulls stop stealing the lunch.

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Maisie Doherty wrote:

They could make the lunch look horrible so the seagulls wouldn't want to eat it.

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NEVE Mcdonald wrote:

They could put pictures of food in the basket. Put the food under the pictures .

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Rueben wrote:

They can eat inside the lght house so they get to eat the food..........

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Sean wrote:

By putting rats in the basket and then the seagulls think it has food in.

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Olivia wrote:

You can put a bomb in it.

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Junior wrote:

You can put two layers on the basket and put mustard on top and the food underneath.

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David wrote:

Put frogs on it and put the food underneath and they would go inside and the jump out of it!

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Luca wrote:

Put a dead mouse in the basket and put fire on it to burn the seagulls.

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Taman wrote:

They could shout.

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Rayan wrote:

Mr Grinling can give the seagulls food.

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Ashley wrote:

They could put the worst food that seagulls like in the basket and Mr Grinling could go on his boat with the food.

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Macy wrote:

Put Vaseline on it.

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Dylan wrote:

You can put nasty food in that seagulls don't like: peanut butter and jam.

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Deimante wrote:

The seagulls weren't happy because they found food everyday.

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Megan wrote:

Put mustard on the sandwiches.

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Mrs Power wrote:

Lots of wonderful ideas boys and girls. In my class we will writing a letter to Mr Grinling to help him use some new ideas to help protect his lunch!

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ebube wrote:

Mr Grinling is very funny

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