Date: 8th Jan 2016 @ 3:07pm

What objects can you find at home? Do you know what materials they are made out of?

I have found a table in my house. It is made out of wood, but could also be made out of glass or metal.

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Maisie Doherty wrote:

I found a monitor that was made out of very strong plastic. I also found to different plastic cups. I could see through one so my mummy said it was transparent! The other cup wasn't transparent.

Miss McClelland wrote:

Wow Maisie! Transparent is a brilliant word to describe the properties of materials. A window is also transparent because we can see through it.

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Manju wrote:

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NEVE Mcdonald wrote:

Paper is made from trees and a light bulb is made from glass .It is also transparent and ifthe light bulb was made out of plastic it would melt because the light is hot.

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kellise campbell wrote:

i saw a speacr you could see threw it so it was transparent

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