Measuring Potions

Date: 3rd Feb 2016 @ 9:25am

Today 5BC investigated measurement and capacity by solving missing box problems to create a Myth and Legend character. We had to be very accurate in our measurements as too much or too little could create something terrifying!!! We cracked the missing box codes and discovered Perseus from Medusa was our secret character.


We had to measure different liquids such as Blood of a Minotaur, Snot of a Cyclops and Snake Juice from Medusa. It was difficult to solve but we cracked the potion to create Perseus!! 


Wel done 5BC you worked SO hard in your measurement topic.

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Mitaale Ram wrote:

That was so fun.

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Tallulah wrote:

That was really fun 👍

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Oyin Ireland wrote:

Doing the potions linked in with our lesson myths and legends

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