Our letter from Sir David Attenborough

Date: 30th Apr 2016 @ 10:30am

Our science topic last term was "Living Things" so we decided to link this to our English work - writing letters to David Attenborough and completing a Biography about him. We studied his work as a naturalist and found some amazing things about him. We posted our letters to him, to let him know how fascinated we were by his work and we have been lucky enough to receive a hand-written reply!!!!

Y5 you ought to be so proud of yourselves. We will get each of you a copy to take home and keep! Great work team.

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Aaliyah fox wrote:

I enjoyed learning about sir David Attenborough and writing letters to him ( I can't believe that he wrote back ) i also can't believe he is 90 next week! 📝📮🎉

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clancy wrote:

David attenborough i was good a righting

Oyin wrote:

Having us write to him was amazing but him replying was even better 📝📬

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Kiera Thomas wrote:

I'm so happy that Sir David Attenborough replied to our letters. I really enjoyed learning about. I hope we could get to write to him again in the future.🐿🐋🐊🐆🐂🐪🐍🦁🐼🐨

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