Piece of the week- Aquarium

Date: 21st Feb 2016 @ 6:47pm

This musical suite of 14 animal-inspired movements has the instruments representing the characteristics of different animals, from the stately march of the violins in the first suite depicting a lion, to the rippling piano and serene strings of the aquarium. Saint-Saëns privately premiered his ‘grand zoological fantasy’; it was written as a bit of fun for friends, around carnival time, which was early in the year in 1880s Paris.

Saint-Saens, Camille Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals from Vilana on Vimeo.

Follow the link below and have a listen to the other animal pieces that Saint-Seans represents in his music. Which one is your favourite? Why?


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Alexis. Pickles wrote:

The. Music. Made. Me. Thinc . Of. The. Ocan

Miss Evans wrote:

It does remind you of the ocean doesn't it. I think it's the soft swirling motions of the harp that sound like a fish gliding through the water.

Maja steglinska wrote:

This music is very soft and fast

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Maja steglinska wrote:

It's a very soft piece of music and it's very fast

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