Date: 16th Nov 2015 @ 4:17pm

Have you ever been to the seaside? What did you see there? Where did you go?

If you have some pictures of you at the seaside, why not upload it with your response. :)

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david wrote:

no i have not

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Maisie Doherty wrote:

I have been to a beach in Wales and a beach in Cyprus.I saw lots of sand and lots of dogs running around and chasing sticks. I also saw big waves and some fossils like Mary Anning.

Miss McClelland wrote:

Wow Maisie! That sounds amazing! Who is Mary Anning?

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david wrote:

I have been to the seaside I saw the sea

Miss McClelland wrote:

Can you describe the sea David? (Don't forget your FS).

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NEVE Mcdonald wrote:

I have been to the beach in Wales and l have saw crazy waves. It has also splashed me. Have you been to the beach?

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