Should Otto Frank have published Anne's diary?

Date: 4th May 2016 @ 11:56am

Following our English study of Anne Frank's diary, we have decided to complete a debate surrounding whether Anne's father (Otto) should have published her diary. There have been mixed opinions on this subject matter. What do you think Y5?

Today we completed and recorded some ideas to help us in our writing, by taking the For or Against viewpoint and arguing with a reason. We had lots of fun doing this - I cant wait to see the work you produce next week!!

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Oyin Ireland wrote:

At first itcan be nerve racking but after a while you enjoy yourself and I also think Otto should have published Anne diary

Miss. Comer wrote:

Why do you believe so? I agree with you because we wouldn't know what it was like to live in fear, in hiding if it wasn't for Anne's diary.

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mia thwaites wrote:

I am glad that Otto frank published Anne franks diary because I learned more about the holocaust and if he didn't her amazing writing would go to waste

Oyin Ireland wrote:

I totally agree with you mia

Oyin Ireland wrote:

I also agree that Hitler didn't have the right to get rid of such wonderful people like the Jewish teachers don't you agree Miss Comer

Miss. Comer wrote:

Great reasons girls. You have worked extremely hard on this topic. I sure do Oyin! Not just teachers either - doctors, lawyers and more great professions! Innocent people who were discriminated.

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