Taste test

Date: 7th Jan 2016 @ 8:51pm

Did you enjoy our taste test on Wednesday?

Which was your favourite sandwich filling and which didn't you like?

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NEVE Mcdonald wrote:

I like the chocolate spread but not the sandwich spread. Yuk.

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Mrs Power wrote:

Neve I think sandwich spread is lovely.

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kellise campbell cp yr2 wrote:

l liked are taste test my favorit is chocolate spread

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kellise campbell wrote:

i love school

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Mrs Power wrote:

I am glad you love school Kellise.

Practise our and favourite in your spellings this week.

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Hasem wrote:

The publicly settad goal was a total of 70 to 85 787 and 747-8s, about equally split between the two types. This has been (mis)interpreted by many people to mean 35 to 43 of each type. Just one problem though: there was no way that the 747-8 was going to get to 42 deliveries this year. In fact, 747 deliveries for the year are currently at 29 with 31 being still possible...The 787 goal was probably was probably between about 40 and 53.

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