The day the pirates came!!!!

Date: 29th Sep 2016 @ 9:11pm

This week we had some suprise visitors...... Pirates! 

They invaded our school and accidently left their treasure. They had numbered each gold coin 1 - 10. We had to make some maps to try and locate where the treasure might be. We also made telescopes and eye patches to help us look like pirates as a disguise whilst we went to look for the treasure.

The pirates had left a note to say that they had left 10 green coins and 10 red coins. If we could work in teams and find all the coins, get them back to our base and order them from 1 - 10, we could keep the treasure!!!!

We set off on our treasure hunt and we worked in two teams to find and order all the coins.

Go class 2!

But something tells us they might be back soon......

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