The LRB Food Fair

Date: 17th Feb 2016 @ 10:14am

Thank you to the LRB who worked so hard on 12.2.16 preparing for the Food Fair, and thank you to our guests for coming. You were all very brave tasting the food from Stuart Times, the 1950s and the modern jam sandwiches!  Which food did you like the best?  Would you like to have the 1950s meal for your tea?

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Leah and Sophia wrote:

We like the jam sandwiches the best because it had a lot of flaver and it was very tasty.we would not like to eat the food that the people in the 1950s because it was to plane and because we dont like it .

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Danny,and Rihanna,,and Neo, wrote:

LRB made food jam sandwich good . They had bread with animal fat and nobody liked it. The sardines were very nice they are good for your brain.

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Aaron and stephen wrote:

My favourite
Food was the sardines
My favourite was jam sandwich.

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