What did you take from our collective worship today?

Date: 10th Nov 2016 @ 1:28pm

Our collective worship today was all about being merciful to help people seeking asylum. we wrote messages of hope on which we are going to post to CAFOD who will distribute them to asylum seekers in England. For more information, click here http://cafod.org.uk/News/UK-news/The-Year-of-Mercy

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Heather wrote:

I learnt the importance of being kind to everybody.

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Hollie wrote:

I am going to open my door to ask people if they need help.

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Ben wrote:

No matter what colour skin people have I can still play with them

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Izzy wrote:

I learnt about how hard it is for refugees to live on the streets.

ingrid wrote:

I learnt that to

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Ayman wrote:

I must be respectful.

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Poppy wrote:

I learnt to be nice even if someone isn't me friend.

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Lottie Doherty wrote:

I learnt that this year was the year of mercy and that we should open our hearts like we would open a door to let somebody in. that somebody is the holy spirit!

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Ryan wrote:

I learned to be respectful

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ingrid wrote:

The most important thing that i know is that it not easy for people to travel to another place!

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Mrs Young wrote:

Year 4's collective worship made be consider the plight of people having to leave family or friends behind and how difficult their struggle must be day to day.

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