Working with the BBC

Date: 10th Nov 2016 @ 1:35pm

After your visit from the BBC game designer Susie, what was the thing you most enjoyed?


Click here to see some of the BBC's games for children.

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Poppy wrote:

I liked it when we got to design our own character.

Norah wrote:

Me to

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Lucie wrote:

My favourite part of the day was when we got to create the characters
to make the game

Mrs Doherty wrote:

You put a lot of effort in to your design.

Pacifique wrote:

I liked that as well

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Sienna wrote:

My favourite part was when i got to make the game

ingrid wrote:

Me to!!!!!

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Hollie wrote:

I liked designing my game with BBC because I chose who is playing it and what scene it is based at .

Mrs Doherty wrote:

I am sure that Ariana Grande would love it Hollie!

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rayan wrote:

my favourite game is minecraft

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Hashim wrote:

I liked making a man.

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Lila wrote:

I liked subway surf game and lego

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Afonso wrote:

I liked it when I had to create my game.

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Ryan wrote:

I liked making a video game

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Ryan wrote:

I liked making a video game because it was fun thinking about what characters i could use.

Mrs Doherty wrote:

I agree Ryan, taking time to think about your characters is very important.

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