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#we'regoingonabearhunt , by Mrs Clein

Birthdays!, by Miss Croxton

Number recognition, by Miss Croxton

Stars of the week, by Miss Croxton

Growing Up, by Miss McClelland

History detectives!, by Miss Holme

All About Me, by Miss McClelland

WELCOME BACK, by Mrs Doherty

Euros 2016 presentations, by Miss Lacey

Acorn Farm, by Mrs Grier

Treasured items, by Miss McClelland

Volcanoes, by Mrs Burns

English topic, by Miss McClelland

Back to school, by Mrs Burns

That's Amore!!!, by Miss Lacey

Sign Language, by Miss Comer

Police talk, by Miss Lacey

Going to the beach, by Miss McClelland

Vocabulary for addition , by Miss Crawford

Non- Fiction Texts. , by Miss Crawford

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