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Yesterday the choir went to the Florrie to sing at the Alzheimer's Festive Tea Party. The children sang beautifully.  Thank you all who took part and Mrs Dohren who has worked very hard with the choir. 

Thank you to Gill Rowlands who came in today to train our playground buddies on how to give a warm welcome all our new children.  She gave a fascinating talk about children from all around the world and gave us a glimpse into some of their personal stories.

Gill Rowlands came in today to train our playground buddies

Gill Rowlands came in today to train our playground buddies

Christmas is coming! Get your singing voices ready as some children will be asked to sing to our friends at Merseyparks.  The Alzheimer's society have also contacted me to ask if some of our children could sing at a special Christmas party held for people with Alzheimer's at the Florrie.  Start practicing!

Asylum Links - Thank you to everyone who brought in some clothes so that we can donate them to Asylum Links.  Ian Downing came to visit our school and discuss the hardships some of our children have been through as they have had to leave their country.  He gave a very interesting and thought provoking talk which everyone reflected on.

Welcome to  Get SET for Life!  We are proud to be the only Dementia Friendly School in the UK.  All our children have training annually to be a Dementia Friend.  Gina Shaw and Kirsty Day have helped us to achieve our goal in becoming a Dementia Friendly School and we are very proud to be able to help and support those people who have dementia.

Radio Merseyside have been following our progress. Check out our audio clips!

Our visits to Mersey Parks Residential Home have resumed.  Check out your year group to see when you are timetabled to visit. Years 4, 5/6 and year 6 have been already and the staff and residents at Merseyparks appreciate the visits so much.

Congratulations to all the children selected to be playground buddies this year. Thank you for your application forms. All the children selected had made a big effort with them. You've made a great start and are setting a great example to everyone. Keep it up!

Gill Rowlands came in today to train our playground buddies.


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