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Miss McGhee


Welcome to Nursery

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We are excited to welcome our Nursery class of 2018 - 2019. We have lots of fun in our Nursery and learn so much in this very special first year at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. Here is some information that you may find useful.


The staff in Nursery are Miss McGhee and Miss Simms. Please talk to any of the Nursery Team if you need to share any information or have any concerns.

Times of the day         

A.M Session - 8.45am -11.45am  

At present we do not have any afternoon Nursery provision.      


It is important that you collect your child on time at the end of the session as children often become distressed if they are collected late. If you are running late, please contact the school office by phoning 0151 7 09 3672.


Breakfast Club        

Breakfast Club is FREE for all children. It starts at 8am each morning. Nursery children who attend breakfast club will be taken to their class at 8.45am.



If your child is ill, please inform us by phoning the school office on 0151 7093672. Please ensure that school has your up to date contact details in case your child is ill during school.



Our children enjoy continuous snack each day. We ask for a contribution of £1 per child per week to make sure this can continue. Snack money needs to be paid in cash please on a Monday morning. Please give to a member of Early Years Staff. 



Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled, including coats and shoes. It is very difficult to identify lost items of clothing if they are not labelled.


Children are not allowed to bring their own toys to Nursery as this can cause upset. However, we love to see things that the children have made at home or have found whilst out and about. These items can be bought into school to share with the rest of the class.


In the EYFS Unit we love to inspire creativity and our modelling area is always a popular area. If you have any recycling materials at home, please pop them into the large box under the shelter.

Stay and Play 

We will be running a stay and play session every Monday afternoon. We will focus on different parts of the Early Years curriculum and have lots of fun so please come and join us. If you would like to enquire about a place at Holy family Nursery or meet the staff and children this is the ideal opportunity. If you can not make the stay and play sessions but would like to find out about our Nurseryb please contact the main office. 


This half term we will be learning about ‘Growing’ in our Come and See topic. It links in with our farm theme and we will be matching animals to their young as well as planting our own seeds and plants to grow. We will think about how we will grow as people and grow in kindness, love and friendship with our peers and families.


We will be reading lots of books about the farm and farm animals. We will begin by learning the rhyme ‘Old Macdonald’ and about the animals within the rhyme. We will read the story of Mr Wolf’s pancakes and make our own pancakes, following instructions and linking to our come and see focus for Lent. We will be reading our ‘Talk for Writing’ focus book ‘The Little Red Hen’ and exploring the vocabulary and structure of the story as well as retelling it in a range of ways. We will make our own bread, hopefully with help from everyone (unlike in the story). We will begin to tell our own stories using our ‘Story Mountain’ and props that are available. We will also learn a new ‘Rhyme of the Week’ each week to build up a collection of well known rhymes to support our phonics learning. We will role-play the kitchen of ‘The Little Red Hen’ in our home corner and buy ingredients we need and fruit and vegetables from our farm shop. Our reading corner will engage children to read lots of farm setting books as they read for pleasure.  


We will be working in groups to develop our number knowledge to and beyond five. This will include saying the numbers forwards and backwards, counting objects, and ordering numbers, using the Numicon and counting things such as actions and sounds. We will explore money and counting farmer shop role play. In the outdoor area we will be matching large Numicon to their numeral. We will be following directional and positional language to play hide and seek.

Knowledge and understanding the world

We will observe our school area as it changes from Spring to Summer and talk about the changes we see. We will go on a spring walk and display our findings and feelings in class. We will explore technology by learning to use the I-pads, internet programmes, cameras and story phones. We will learn about Eid and other celebrations.  


Funky Fingers and Formation station activities will continue to challenge children to strengthen their muscles for holding writing tools. Weekly sessions in the gym will give children the opportunity to built and explore their own obstacle courses using the soft play. We will be baking our own bread – white and wholemeal and discussing the healthy options. We will be encouraging them to pick healthy choices as often as possible.


This half term we will continue with our ‘Restorative Practice’ approach and use disagreements between the children to model and encourage positive problem solving and sharing. We will be talking about the stories we read and moral dilemmas the characters find themselves in asking how should they solve this problem etc.

Expressive arts

We will be making lots of different creations this half term including our own versions of the little red hen and other animals from the farm. We will be making and using play dough both in our learning about farm animals and also to role-play the bread baking from the story of the Little Red Hen. We will be using music and dance to express the stories and information we are learning. We will represent characters from stories in different ways and use drama to represent stories or our feelings towards them. We will role play in our farm shop and the small world farm tough spot.


Thank you for your support

Miss McGhee & Miss Simms


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