Y2M 2018 - 2019

Miss McClelland

Year 2 Teacher

Welcome to Year 2M!

Our teachers are Miss McClelland and Mrs Henaghan.

We will be sharing lots of photographs of all our fabulous work on our Twitter class page. Follow us @HolyFamilyL8_2M

Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back by the following Thursday. There will be a Maths focus and an English focus.

This half term we will be covering:

Come and See

Our Come and See topics are 'Signs and Symbols' where we explore our experience of signs and symbols, and reveal the signs and symbols present in Baptism and 'Preparations' where we explore preparing for special times, and reveal that Advent is a time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas.



This half term we will be looking at the traditional tale, 'The Princess and the Pea' through Talk4Writing, which means that we will learn it, innovate upon it and then create our own Rags to Riches tale. We will then be learning how to write instructions, through the Talk4Writing instructions, 'How to trap a dragon'. After that, we will be using the same format to write a new set of instructions. We will also be reading and writing poems to celebrate Bonfire Night, looking at rhyming poems, shape poems and acrostic poems, using alliteration, onomatopeia and similes. Everything we learn in English and Phonics we will be applying to other areas of the curriculum, writing sentences and narratives in other topics.

We have daily phonic lessons which are carried out in Read Write Inc and Guided Reading sessions to look at reading comprehension, as well as handwriting and grammar.

Every Monday from their Read Write Inc lessons your child will get spellings to learn at home. Can these please be returned on Friday?



We will be looking at  at Addition and Subtraction, adding and subtracting numbers up to 100, using concrete objects, mental strategies, number lines and blank number lines, and partitioning. We will be applying it to money, to solve missing box calculations, word problems and reasoning problems. We will then be looking at Multiplication as repeated addition, by counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s, by using arrays and using times tables. We will then apply it to a unit of measure, solving missing box calculations, word problems and reasoning problems.



Our topic this term will be 'Uses of Everyday Materials'. We will be investigating what material of water bottle will squirt water the furthest to put out a fire, and what material could be used to absorb Naughty Nora's puddle of wee. We will be performing simple tests, using observations and ideas to answer questions, and gathering and recording data to come to a conclusion. We will then move on to learn about 'Living things and their habitats', looking at, explorinng and comparing the differences between objects that are alive, are dead and have never been alive.


We will be learning about Castles. We will learn about the purpose of a castle, types of castles, features of castles and who lives in a castle. We will look similarities and differences between Motte and Bailey castles and Keep and Bailey castles, and between Liverpool Castle, West Derby Castle and Beeston Castle. This will enable us to identify similarities and differences between time periods, understand where these fit into a chronological framework, and understand how we can find out about the past.



We will be learning about why castles are situated where they are, identifying geographical similarities and differences. We will look at maps of castles and create our own, using a simple geographical key. We will use geographical vocabulary such as: beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, city, town, village, farm and house.


Art and DT

We will be drawing Beeston Castle, improving our use of tone and shade, and drawing with increasing accuracy, use of proportion and observational skill. We will then design and create a cardboard castle, with a working drawbridge mechanism, incorporating moving parts into a model. We will use tools and techniques to cut, fold, join and strengthen our castles.



We will be practising our singing skills, singing with increased confidence, and developing our understanding of pitch, tone and rhythm. We will then be performing our EYFS and KS1 Nativity to parents and carers in December.


Get Set for Life

We will be looking at Getting on and Falling out with Mrs Clein. This includes looking at how they can be friends, what bullying is, how to recognise it and how to help those being bullied.



P.E. is every Thursday afternoon so P.E. kits will need to be brought in on this day every week. We are learning Balance and Coordination. We also do the Daily Mile three times a week, where we run around our playground, aiming to reach 9 laps (1 mile). Some children are also taking part in an Athletics lunchtime club on Tuesday and a Gymnastics lunchtime club on a Friday, so they will need PE kits then too.

We hope you continue to enjoy looking at all the wonderful things we will be doing in class on our Twitter.


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