Y5B 2019 - 2020

Mrs Barker

Year 5 teacher

Welcome to Year 5 at Holy Family!

Year 5 Teacher - Mrs Barker

Year 5 and 6 Teaching Assistants - Mrs Burke, Ms Roper and Mrs Leek

We hope that during the year you will enjoy finding out about all the wonderful things we will be learning in our lessons. To keep up to date with what is happening inside our classroom follow us on twitter @HolyfamilyL8_5B


Please find below the details of our learning for Autumn Term 1:

Come and See

This half term, our topics are Family and Life Choices. For our Family topic, we will deepen our understanding of ourselves and the qualities we each have, given to us by God. In our Life Choices topic, we will explore the word mission and the sacrament of marriage. We will understand the promises involved and how this links to mission.



Y5 will explore the place value of 7-digit numbers. We will use this knowledge to read and write numbers with 7-digits and to order and compare numbers. We will then move onto rounding, negative numbers and learning Roman Numerals to 1,000 (M). Towards the end of the half term, Y5 will use their new place value knowledge to add and subtract numbers using formal written methods, building on their skills from previous years. There will also be daily basic skills sessions for Y5 to develop their maths skills such as learning their times tables. 



This half term, we will begin by looking at expanded noun phrases, sentence structure, homophones and using a variety of sentence openers. We will write a 'defeating a monster tale' and a non-chronological report for our Talk 4 Writing novel; ‘Viking Boy’, which is linked to our History topic. We will also be consolidating our understanding and knowledge of other areas of grammar and the related terminology. A list of specific spellings, which we will be concentrating on each week, will be sent home for your child to learn.



Y5 will be looking at ‘Animals including humans’ this half term. We will be learning about the different stages in the human life and will explore the changes that take place throughout this development.



This term, we will be focusing on History and looking at the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We will begin by discovering the timeline for this period in history and each week, we will explore the different events that occured. We will learn about settlements, daily life, battles and important figures.



Y5 will be exploring the art work of Andy Goldsworthy this term and will create our own sculptures in his style. We will also be developing our skills of digital media.



We will begin this half term by exploring e-safety, creating e-books using 'Book Creator' to showcase the work. This will involve using 'Brushes' to draw their own images to then export and import into their e-book. Y5 will then complete a 'Cars' unit of work, which develops children's coding skills. They will use 'Scratch' to create their own game, designing the game and creating formulas to make it work. The final unit this half term is 'Code Breakers'. For this unit, Y5 will discover codes and how these work. They will use this knowledge to read and create our own QR codes.



Our PE this term will be on Monday's

Y5's PE lessons this year will be taken by Mrs Wilding! Children MUST have full PE kits every week for these sessions; white T-Shirt, black shorts and black trainers/pumps.

Children will also be regularly working on improving their stamina by walking/ jogging/ running a ‘Daily Mile’.



Homework will be set on a Friday to be returned the following Friday. When your child doesn't complete homework, there will be an expectation that they finish it during break/ lunchtimes. It is essential that we work together to ensure that homework is completed and returned.bReading daily for at least 15 minutes is an expectation. It is vital that the children are encouraged to do this to achieve the high expectations set for the end of Key Stage 2.


Should you ever wish to discuss anything about your child, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 5 team in order to arrange an appointment. We will be on the exit door every evening or, you can contact the office if you wish to request an appointment.

We look forward to working with your children this year!

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