Y5D 2017 - 2018

Mrs Doherty

Year 5 Teacher

Welcome to Year 5 and what promises to be another great year at Holy Family. The staff in Year 5 this year will be Mrs Burke, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Roper and Miss Toal.

This year, we are covering our curriculum in a slightly different way with ‘Topic Weeks’ for Science, History, Geography, Art and Design Technology. This will see us covering each topic intensively for specified weeks throughout the term. We will continue to be teaching PE, Spanish and Computing on a weekly basis with English and Maths on a daily basis. At the heart of our teaching, we will also have our RE Curriculum which is taught in a cycle of topics. Please see below for details of our topics and curriculum.


In the first half term, we will be reading the novel ‘The Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket’, and will base a large majority of our work in English around this. We will be continuing to develop the skills of inference and deduction when reading whilst also aiming to expand our vocabulary through reading this high quality text. When writing, we will be looking for children to have a greater awareness of the reader whilst also ensuring that the children’s writing is grammatically correct.


This half term, we will be following the Liverpool Maths plans with a specific focus on place value and the strategies necessary for efficient addition and subtraction. Children will also be developing their basic maths skills on a daily basis. This will include regular times table practise and work on how to use what we already know in order to derive more facts.

Come and See

In the Autumn Term, we will explore three topics, Ourselves, Life Choices and Hope. There will be times when we ask children to bring questions and stories home for discussion with families, it would be wonderful if people at home could contribute to these.


Our topics will be Forces and Earth and Space – (we will be aiming to visit the planetarium as part of this topic!)

Within these topics, we will plan, conduct and review investigations whilst also learning scientific vocabulary and understanding more about each topic.


During this term, we will be further developing our programming skills via the use of Swift Playground. Children will also be encouraged to further develop autonomy when using ICT in other areas of the curriculum.


We will continue to be working with a visiting Spanish speaking teacher who will further develop the children’s knowledge of Spanish including speaking, listening and writing in Spanish.


This term, we will be exploring and furthering our historical knowledge and understanding of the Anglo Saxons. We will be linking this to our DESIGN TECHNOLOGY when we design, make and evaluate an Anglo Saxon mask.


In Geography, we will be looking to answer the question, ‘Where should we go on holiday?’ looking specifically at countries with opposing climates or those countries in the southern hemisphere who are currently in a different season to us in the UK.


We will be developing our sketch book work this half term, looking at a range of different mediums for creating patterns i.e. ink, charcoal, string and pen.


In music this term, our focus will be on



Our PE days this term will be on

It is highly recommended that your child always has a full kit n school, bringing it in on a Monday and taking it home on a Friday as this is beneficial in the case of incidental opportunities for exercise. If, for any reason, your child is unable to do PE, we would appreciate it if you could send a note in to the class teacher explaining the expected duration of this inability to participate.


Should you ever wish to discuss anything about your child or their learning journey, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 5 team in order to arrange an appointment. We will be on the exit gate most evenings or, you can contact the office if you wish to request an appointment.


We are all looking forward to a very exciting year ahead.

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