Y6Y 2019 - 2020

Mrs Young

Year 6 Teacher & Assistant deputy head

Welcome to Year 6 at Holy Family.

This year, the staff in our year group are Mrs Young, Mrs Doherty and Ms Roper.

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Please find below the details of our learning for Autumn Term 1:

Come and See

The final topic this term is called Expectations; children will be exploring expectations at home, in school and in the wider community before preparing for the expecation of Jesus' arrival at Christmas. Children will explore how Mary must have felt when she was told she was expecting Jesus.


In Maths, we will be exploring and investigating fractions, decimals and percentages. Alongside this, we will be further consolidating and developing our calculation strategies for the four number operations; applying our knowledge to solve problems and reason. As part of this, we will be teaching the strategy for long division. We will also be using basic skills lessons to secure our understanding of how to tackle a range of mathematical areas using the ‘Five a Day’ approach.


We will be using the novel based approach to develop both our reading and writing skills. Our novel this half term will be ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’; this novel explores themes around World War II evacuees and also the loss and suffering of those involved. We will be writing a range of genres including  a journey tale incorporating a flashback. We will also be consolidating our understanding and knowledge of grammar and the related terminology. A list of specific spellings which we will be concentrating on will be sent home to be learnt.


In Science, our topic is ‘The Circulatory System’; here we will be investigating and exploring the different parts of the circulatory system, how the heart works and investigating pulse rate. 


‘Route 66’ is the title of our topic, here we will be exploring North and South America. We will be using 4 and 6 figure grid references to identify specific physical features such as rivers and mountain ranges. We will also look at land use and consolidate our map reading skills.


Our work in Art will be linked to our geography topic and we will be exploring native American art. We will look at contrast and using diffreent mediums to produce work in.


Swift Playgrounds will be the App which drives our programming for this half term. Children will be further developing their understanding of coding.


Year 6 children will be developing their swimming skills; it is very important that ALL children are fully equipped for every swimming lesson. We will also be refining our skills in gymastics.  Children will also be regularly working on improving their stamina by walking/ jogging/ running a ‘Daily Mile’.


Children will be looking at musical notation and planning their own compositions.



Homework will be set three nights per week as follows:

Monday - Spellings - due in on Friday (test day.) Results will be sent home.

Wednesday - Maths - due in on Thursday

Friday - English - due in on Monday

Where homework is not completed, there will be an expectation that it is completed during break/ lunchtimes. It is important tjhat we work together to ensure that homework is completed and returned. All homework will be linked to recent learning and children should be able to complete it independently. Should your child encounter difficulties, please make a comment on the homework and return it to school on the due date.

Reading daily for at least 15 minutes is an expectation, regardless of the child's reading ability. It is vital that the children are encouraged to do this in order to achieve the high expectations set for the end of Key Stage 2. 

SATs dates

SATs will take place during the week commencing 13th May 2019. It is VITAL that your child is in school on these dates. 


Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's learning or welfare, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team. We are available most days after school on the playground or you can make an appointment via the school office.  We look forward to working with both the children and their families this year.

Mrs Young

Mrs Doherty

Ms Roper


Autumn Spellings Week 1 to Week 7

Autumn Spellings Week 8 - Week 14

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