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Design and Technology encourages children to become creative problem-solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, within a variety of contexts. Pupils learn perseverance, to take risks, become resourceful and enterprising. Through the study of design and technology, children develop a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made. They combine practical skills and knowledge of materials and processes, with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues; they develop a critical understanding of the impact of past and present technology on daily life. Our children develop the ability to be discriminating and informed consumers, and potential innovators making a contribution to creativity and culture within society. Design and Technology makes links across the curriculum, involving Scientific knowledge and skills, Mathematical problem solving, English instruction writing and design using ICT, as well as enhancing learning in History and Geography, as seen in our curriculum.

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