When teaching English,  we follow the 2014 National Curriculum Programme Of Study and teachers plan according to pupil need. We recognise that a sound understanding of English is critical for our children to be able to fully access learning in all subject areas; therefore we offer high quality learning experiences in English on a daily basis.

To develop phonic understanding we use the Read, Write Inc scheme. This begins in Reception Class and is usually completed at some point in year 2. This is a systematic scheme in which the children are are taught the 44 speech sounds (phonemes) of the English language. They are gradually taught the written representations of these sounds (graphemes). Alongside this, we give children high frequency words to learn. Some of these words do not follow the regular phonetic rules and therefore need to be learnt on sight.

All our children access guided reading sessions as well as regular whole class sessions based on developing reading skills. This is to ensure our children can fully understand the range of texts that they will encounter in their learning and in the wider world. We encourage a love of reading and each class has a library area from which they can choose from a range of books. We also have an extensive library which the children can select abook to read from - it really is a lovely space!

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, the children access a variety of literacy developing stimulus in lessons. They will write from these stimuli and the real life experiences they encounter. As a school, we have adopted Talk4writing to improve children's writing skills through developing the ability to orally retell a story and to explore the many different types of stories which they may encounter such as traditional stories or tales with a twist.

From Year 3 onwards, each class reads a class novel. Within lessons children are stimulated through a range of activities such as: drama, visits and film to produce more extended pieces of writing. They are then supported, through high quality marking, to edit and redraft their writing so that they can improve their work. Editing skills are honed and developed so that our writers can become as independent as possible.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are taught both discretely and within the context of the novel approach and then applied across all subjects. We also use the Read, Write Inc spelling programme to teach spelling.

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